Sue changed her attitude to eating

Sue used to be an emotional eater. MEDIWEIGHT helped her to improve her eating habits, and change her attitude towards food. Discover Sue’s story here!

Sue after

He really enjoyed the structure of MEDIWEIGHT, and all the staff support.

Jordan after

Vic had gained weight due to a medical condition that restricted her mobility. Extensive exercise isn’t an obligatory part of MEDIWEIGHT, so she was still able to achieve her goals.

Vic after

MEDIWEIGHT’s variety kept Daniel motivated

Daniel’s demanding job and busy lifestyle meant he usually hit a plateau, and found it difficult to reach his target weight. MEDIWEIGHT’s mix of sweet and savoury choices helped him to stick to the programme, and to keep his cravings at bay.

Zoey’s job involves lots of travel, which made conventional dieting difficult. MEDIWEIGHT’S structured eating plan was easy for her to follow, despite being always on the road.

Zoey after

Anna’s weight gain had left her feeling tired and lethargic. After successfully completing MEDIWEIGHT, she has lots of energy and has started socialising again.

Anna after

Kelly struggled with weight gain after having children. She’d tried lots of different diets, but wanted a programme that included plenty of support and advice.

Kelly after

Jordan’s weight had fluctuated, which was affecting his ability to exercise. A keen rugby player, his goal was to lose fat but retain muscle mass, to become more athletic on the rugby field.

Jordan after
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Medically supervised weight loss

Our MEDIWEIGHT body transformation programme delivers fast, effective, medically supervised weight loss.

Lose weight with doctor supervision

If you’re struggling to slim down, MEDIWEIGHT is here to help. Latest technology & specific diet MEDIWEIGHT can help you quickly reach your goal. All under the supervision of doctor to make sure you are healthy and safe.

Lose fat, not muscle
MEDIWEIGHT doesn’t just deliver effective weight loss, it transforms your shape and body composition. The eating plan has been designed to ensure your metabolism burns stored fat – not vital muscle tissue – so you look and feel lean, healthy and strong.

Say goodbye to cellulite and loose, sagging skin
A common side-effect of weight loss is loose, saggy skin. The MEDIWEIGHT programme includes specialist body contouring treatments designed to firm, tone and tighten your body. Our advanced ultrasound treatment also targets superficial fat and cellulite.

What is Mediweight?

The MEDIWEIGHT programme was created to help you lose weight quickly and safely, while developing healthy lifestyle habits that will keep the weight off long-term.

MEDIWEIGHT features a number of different components, all of which contribute to weight loss and wellbeing.

Dr Robin Stones

Dr Robin Stones

These include:

  • A flexible eating plan, incorporating a wide variety of high-protein, sweet and savoury foods, with additional fruits and vegetables.
  • Body contouring treatments to target diet-resistant body fat, and firm, tone and tighten skin.
  • Expert nutritional guidance, both during and after weight loss.
  • Support from a specialist weight loss psychologist, to help you achieve your weight loss goal.
  • Ongoing maintenance support post-programme, to help you maintain your new weight and shape.

Ready to lose weight faster than ever?

It’s so easy to get started on MEDIWEIGHT! - Simply follow these three easy steps:

  1. Our phone consultation: Call our specialist MEDIWEIGHT advisers to find out more about the programme and book your doctor consultation.
  2. Your doctor consultation: To make sure you’re suitable for MEDIWEIGHT, our specialist doctor will take a full medical history, carry out a selection of blood tests, analyse your body composition, and calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Your doctor will then select your appropriate MEDIWEIGHT programme.
  3. Begin the programme: At your first weekly appointment you’ll have a weigh-in with your MEDIWEIGHT therapist. You’ll enjoy your first two body treatments, and receive your first week’s food supply.
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MEDIWEIGHT Coordinator

Our coordinator’s will help you every step of the way, see how in our video

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